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News - Heavitree Brewery Darts League

At the AGM this season, as a way to liven up finals night it was voted to play the individuals and pairs on a single night to a winner this season. This will allow the new team competition "Champion of Champions Cup" to be played on finals night.

The pairs will be played on Monday 13th January at THE WINNIE

Pairs must both represent the same pub (but may, if required play for different teams from the same pub)

Pairs will sign in on the night by 8 o'clock for the draw to be done for an 8.15 start.

There will be a charge of £1 per player

The winners on the night will receive trophies and £100. The runners up trophies and £50

Any players who are on the way but cannot make the 8pm deadline can contact us on the facebook page on the night. You must still be in attendance by 8.15 though

Matches will be played on 8 boards. A single bracketed draw will be made and will be followed though the night. 501 x 3 legs, No bust. Bull before 1st and 3rd leg. Losers to call and mark the following game on that board.
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High Shot Outs Winter 2019/20
160 Daniel Case Winnie A
160 Shane Joslin Duke of York
156 John Breban Heart of Oak A
150 Graham Madge Stowey Arms
148 Danny Belsten Winnie A
144 Dean Angell Kings C
142 Rob Prowse Horse & Groom
142 Julian Budd Heart of Oak A
142 Chris Bisby Kings C
130 Arthur Jones Lucombe Oak
130 Chris Bisby Kings C
127 Pete Ward Locomotive C
126 Aiden Mann Locomotive A
124 Colin Bending Heart of Oak B
124 Liam Ashmore Wonford Inn
123 Tim Weetman Duke of York
122 Dean Angell Kings C
120 Jon Macey Stowey Arms
119 A Gillard Green Gables
118 Jabir Kemis St Annes Well
118 Julian Budd Heart of Oak A
117 Sam Hill St Annes Well
116 Danny Belsten Winnie A
116 R Clarke Duke of York
116 Steve Kingdon Locomotive C
115 Steve Yelland Horse & Groom
114 Stuart Wonnacott 7 Starts Kennford
114 John Macey Stowey Arms
113 Kieran Peek Locomotive A
113 Rob Wilson Heart of Oak B
112 Daniel Case Winnie A
112 Jordan Copeland Lucombe Oak
111 Matt Carnell Half Moon
110 Aaron Clements Locomotive B
110 Jon Macey Stowey Arms
110 Ellis McGuirl Winnie A
108 Jay Fraine Winnie B
108 Matt McCarthy Locomotive A
106 Ben Davis Kings A
106 Ellis McGuirl Winnie A
106 Matt Carnell Half Moon
106 C Durrant Stowey Arms
105 David Roberts Half Moon
104 Barry Atkins Royal Oak OS B
104 Clayton Bates Winnie B
104 Owen Bates Winnie B
104 Clayton Bates Winnie B
103 Neal Courtney Royal Oak OS A
103 Rob Prowse Horse & Groom
101 Kieran Peek Locomotive A
101 Pat Ellis Duke of York
100 Danny Belsten Winnie A
100 Steve Kingdon Locomotive C
100 Matt McCarthy Locomotive A
100 Chris Bisby Kings C
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180s winter 2019/20
Chris Hunt Locomotive A 7
Danny Belsten Winnie A 7
Owen Bates Winnie B 7

Daniel Case Winnie A 6
Jay Fraine Winnie B 6

Dean Angell Kings C 5
John Breban Heart of Oak A 5
Peter Chown Winnie A 5

Julian Budd Heart of Oak A 4
Simon Holmes Locomotive C 4

Alan Long Kings C 3
Chris Wreford Royal Oak OS B 3
Glen Ireland Kings C 3
Lee Alderman Heart of Oak A 3
Mark Waycott Heart of Oak B 3
Wayne Steer Kings C 3

Aiden Mann Locomotive A 2
Andy Middleton Kings A 2
Dave Bennett Heart of Oak B 2
Don Burwood Wonford Inn 2
John Issacs Half Moon 2
Liam Goyne Winnie A 2
Martin Rose Heart of Oak B 2
Matt McCarthy Locomotive A 2
Pete Ward Locomotive C 2
Phil Harrison Kings A 2
Rich Lazenby Kings A 2
Sid Peters Heart of Oak B 2
Shane Joslin Duke of York 2
Tom Horn Wonford Inn 2

Aaron Clements Locomotive B
Adrian Hows Horse & Groom
Barry Atkins Royal Oak Oke St B
Christoph Maschte St Annes Well
Colin Bending Heart of Oak B
Dan Brooks Kings C
Darryl Bradbury Devon Yeoman
Dave Bloomfield Locomotive B
Don Watt 7 Stars Kennford
Eric Sparrow Royal Oak Oke St B
Garry Webber Horse & Groom
Gary Ahearne Royal Oak Oke St A
Jabir Kerris Heart of Oak C
Jack Eastman St Annes Well
Jack Walker Kings A
Jake Mearns Locomotive C
John Macey Stowey Arms
Keith Birchall Royal Oak OS A
Keith Heard Royal Oak Oke St B
Kieran Peek Locomotive Inn A
Mark Simmons Locomotive C
Matt Land Locomotive B
Matt Moore 7 Stars Kennford
M. Edwards Stowey Arms
Mike Reed Royal Oak Oke St A
Pat Ellis Duke of York
Phil Ward Heart of Oak A
Rob Prowse Horse & Groom
Rob Speakman Winnie B
Wayne Hughes Heart of Oak A

last modified: February 27, 10:46 am

Format for Cup Matches
All divisional Cups

As league format but with alternate signing


Team Pairs Cup

Match is best of 15 legs ( 5 games x 3 legs x 501 straight start) play all 3 legs in each game. After 3 games have been played 4 players may (don't have to) play again but they may not pair up with the player they have already paired with. It is captains choice who plays, it is not drawn. Alternate signing.


Team Plate

6 games 501 Singles x 3 legs followed by 3 games 501 pairs x 3 legs. Players may play in both singles and pairs. Alternate signing
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