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News - Heavitree Brewery Darts League
Mens Winter League Fixtures
Having had a late entry into the league I am just double checking the fixtures but the first weeks fixtures on Monday 21st October should be as follows

Winchester A v Royal Oak Oke St B
Winchester B v Kings C
Locomotive A v Locomotive C
Half Moon, Whipton v Heart of Oak A

Royal Oak Oke St A - Open Date
Heart of Oak B v 7 Stars Kennford
Wonford Inn v Locomotive B
Kings A v Horse & Groom

Green Gables v Heart of Oak C
The Arcade v Duke of York
Lucombe Oak v Stowey Arms
St Annes Well v Devon Yeoman

You are reminded that matches start at 8.15 this season
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Winter Registration Form
Form Can be copied and pasted from below of downloaded from the facebook page


TEAM .........................................................















Any player whose signature appears on more than one registration form will be automatically suspended from the league.

This form is to be completed and returned at the AGM on September 25th at the Horse & Groom. Payment of £40 per team must be paid by the AGM. There is no individual signing on fee anymore.

Number of boards available..........................

Captains contact number & email...............................................................................

Pub number & email.....................................................................................................


Captain………………………………….. Licensee…………………………………

last modified: September 2, 3:49 pm


Annual General Meeting

The A.G.M. of the Exeter darts league will take place on Wednesday September 25th at 7.30 pm at the Horse & Groom, Heavitree.

All teams are requested to send at least one representative.

Any proposals for the rule changes, election of officials and committee on the night will be taken from the floor on the night.

Current Elected Officers :-
Chairman - Bob Keen (Green Gables)
Vice Chairman - Danny Belsten (Winchester)
Secretary - Paul Godbeer
Treasurer - Dave Layfield

Team registration fees of £ 40.00 per team are due on the night of the AGM. ANY TEAM NOT PAID FOR BY THE AGM WILL NOT BE ADMITTED INTO THE LEAGUE. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please make all cheques payable to Exeter Darts League.
last modified: September 2, 3:46 pm

High Shot Outs Winter 2018/19
170 Danny Belsten Winnie A
161 Vic McCarthy Locomotive A
158 Dale Morgan Heart of Oak A
157 Pete Chown Winnie A
154 Colin Bending Heart of Oak B
153 Liam Goyne Winnie A
152 Wayne Steer Kings C
151 Steve Ashmore Wonford Inn
150 Dan Brooks Kings C
145 Liam Goyne Winnie A
142 Chris Hunt Locomotive A
137 Don Burwood Wonford Inn
135 Aidan Mann Locomotive A
133 Pete Milner Locomotive A
131 Barry Brewer Kings C
131 Dan Kennedy Horse & Groom
130 Simon Cookson Locomotive A
130 George Walton Globe Inn
130 Jayden Pinsent Dolphin Kenton
128 Daniel Case Winnie A
125 Chris Sedgebeer Half Moon (CSM)
124 Matt Beer New Inn
122 Clayton Bates Winnie B
121 John Breban Locomotive A
120 Simon Cookson Locomotive A
120 Stef Lashbrook Royal Oak Oke St B
120 Glen Ireland Kings C
120 Anthony Moss Kings A
119 Andy Denning Winnie A
119 Jayden Pinsent Dolphin Kenton
119 Stuart Osborne Heart of Oak
118 Lee Alderman Heart of Oak A
118 Alex Clyburn Winnie A
118 Vic McCarthy Locomotive A
116 Jabir Kerris Globe
116 Pete Milner Locomotive A
116 Guy Anderson Half Moon Whipton
116 Jayden Pinsent Dolphin Kenton
116 Gary Ahearne Royal Oak Oke St A
115 Dan Brooks Kings C
115 Simon Cookson Locomotive A
115 Andy Hodge Royal Oak Oke St B
112 Gavin Armstrong Heart of Oak A
111 Tom Whitfield Locomotive B
111 Liam Ashmore Devon Yeoman
110 Pete Milner Locomotive A
110 Pacey Large Winnie B
110 Lee Alderman Heart of Oak A
109 Don Burwood Wonford Inn
108 Daniel Case Winnie A
108 Aidan Mann Locomotive A
108 Owen Bates Winnie B
107 Dan Brooks Kings C
106 C. Sedgebeer Half Moon (CSM)
106 Peter Atkinson Locomotive B
105 Nick Tamlin Locomotive B
105 Jayden Pinsent Dolphin Kenton
105 Phil Barrett Royal Oak OS B
104 Liam Goyne Winnie A
104 Pete Milner Locomotive A
104 Matt Carnell Half Moon
103 Dan Brooks Kings C
103 Stuart Jarvis Heart of Oak A
103 Guy Anderson Half Moon Whipton
102 Chris Bisby Kings C
102 Shane Bevan Heart of Oak A
102 Ben Davis Kings A
102 Tim Cockman Devon Yeoman
102 Colin Bending Heart of Oak B
102 Rob Parsons 7 Stars Kennford
101 Pete Milner Locomotive A
100 Kieran Peek Locomotive A
100 Phil Barrett Royal Oak Oke St B
100 Phill Ward Heart of Oak A
100 Gavin Armstrong Heart of Oak A
100 Gavin Armstrong Heart of Oak A
100 Owen Bates Winnie B
last modified: April 9, 9:27 am

180s winter 2018/19
Matt McCarthy Locomotive A 11

Danny Belsten Winnie A 10
Peter Chown Winnie A 10

Dan Brooks Kings C 9
Owen Bates Winnie B 9

Chris Tucker Heart of Oak A 8
Daniel Case Winnie A 8
Kieran Peek Locomotive A 8

Clayton Bates Winnie B 7

Aidan Mann Locomotive A 5
Andrew Denning Winnie A 5
Chris Hunt Locomotive A 5
Gavin Armstrong Heart of Oak A 5
Lee Alderman Heart of Oak A 5
Liam Goyne Winnie A 5

Jack Walker Kings A 4
Steve Sweetland Locomotive B 4
Vic McCarthy Locomotive A 4

Alex Clyburn Winnie A 3
Ben Davis Kings A 3
Glen Ireland Kings C 3
Phil Harrison Kings A 3
Steve Kingdon Locomotive C 3
Stuart Osborne Heart of Oak A 3

Alan Long Kings C 2
Barry Hayward Royal Oak (os) A 2
Chris Wreford Dolphin Kenton 2
Dave Thompson Green Gables 2
Don Burwood Wonford Inn 2
Ellis McGurl Winnie A 2
Jack Goyne Locomotive C 2
Julian Budd Winnie C 2
Lee Drake Winnie B 2
Mal Curran Winnie C 2
Mark Simmons Locomotive C 2
Nathan Barrett Winnie A 2
Nick Tamlin Locomotive B 2
Pacey Large Winnie B 2
Pete Milner Locomotive A 2
Stuart Harding Locomotive C 2

Adam Binner Royal Oak (os) A
Adam Jones Half Moon CSM
Andy Clyburn Winnie B
Andy Tolborne Seven Stars
Barry Atkins Royal Oak (os) B
Chris Bisby Kings C
Chris Godfrey Green Gables
Chris Toborne 7 Stars Kennford
D. Bennett Heart of Oak B
Dan Allwright Stowey Arms
Dan Kennedy Horse & Groom
Dan Morefield Stowey Arms
Dave Bennett Heart of Oak B
Dave Brown Wonford Inn
Dave Osborne Wonford Inn
David Badham Globe Inn
Dean Pring Kings C
Eddie Ashton Dolphin Kenton
Gary Webber Horse & Groom
Jabir Kerris Globe
Jack Eastman Globe
Jacques Mallett Devon Yeoman
Jake Mearns Locomotive C
Jay Fraine Winnie B
Keith Warren Winnie C
Kieran Bowyer Horse & Groom
L. Finnimore Winnie C
Liam Ashmore Wonford Inn
Mark Aggett Royal Oak (os) A
Mark Sherriff Winnie B
Martin Rose Heart of Oak B
Neil Brown Royal Oak (os) A
Pele Baker Royal Oak (os) B
Phil Barrett Royal Oak (os) B
Phil Ward Heart of Oak A
R. Burrows Royal Oak (os) A
Rich Lazenby Kings A
Rob Parsons 7 Stars Kennford
Rob Prowse Horse & Groom
Sean Adams Winnie B
Simon Cookson Locomotive A
Stef Lashbrook Royal Oak (os) B
Stuart Wonnacott 7 Stars
Terry Lander Wonford Inn
Tony Endicott Royal Oak (os) B
Tony Lewis Locomotive B
Wayne Hughes Heart of Oak A
Wayne Steer Kings C
last modified: April 9, 9:27 am

Registered Players
Andy Tolborne 7 Stars Kennford
Chris Tolborne 7 Stars Kennford
Don Watt 7 Stars Kennford
John Gosling 7 Stars Kennford
Keith Wonnacott 7 Stars Kennford
Matt Moore 7 Stars Kennford
Mike Baker 7 Stars Kennford
Rob Parsons 7 Stars Kennford
Stuart Wonnacott 7 Stars Kennford
Vince Westcott 7 Stars Kennford

Brad Lewis Devon Yeoman
Chris Newton Hearn Devon Yeoman
Connor Anderson Devon Yeoman
Darryl Bradbury Devon Yeoman
Gavin Holland Devon Yeoman
Georges Mallett Devon Yeoman
Jacques Mallett Devon Yeoman
Jamie O'Connor Devon Yeoman
John Anderson Devon Yeoman
Lee Dunn Devon Yeoman
Lloyd Reilly Devon Yeoman
Marc Bouden Devon Yeoman
Michael Ripping Devon Yeoman
Ryan Mayne Devon Yeoman
Tim Cockman Devon Yeoman
Vincent Conibere Devon Yeoman

C. Durant Dolphin Inn Kenton
Chris Wreford Dolphin Inn Kenton
D. Morphield Dolphin Inn Kenton
David Greaves Dolphin Inn Kenton
Eddie Ashton Dolphin Inn Kenton
G. Stone Dolphin Inn Kenton
Graham Madge Dolphin Inn Kenton
J. Burrell Dolphin Inn Kenton
Jayden Pinsent Dolphin Inn Kenton
K. Ratcliffe Dolphin Inn Kenton
M. Edwards Dolphin Inn Kenton
P. Ham Dolphin Inn Kenton
S. Burrell Dolphin Inn Kenton
Steve Yelland Dolphin Inn Kenton
T. Storey Dolphin Inn Kenton

Archie Maxwell Globe Inn
Charlie Crumpton Globe Inn
Dan Pallant Globe Inn
David Badham Globe Inn
George Walton Globe Inn
Jabir Kerris Globe Inn
Jack Eastman Globe Inn
Josh Weston Globe Inn
Matt Hill Globe Inn
Sam Jones Globe Inn
Thomas Cruzalegui Globe Inn
Tom Parker Globe Inn
Tom Roberts Globe Inn

A. Gillard Green Gables
Bob Keen Green Gables
Chris Godfrey Green Gables
Dave Thompson Green Gables
Fred Pring Green Gables
Gary Townsey Green Gables
Glenn Sanders Green Gables
Jason Dole Green Gables
John Higgins Green Gables
M. Cox Green Gables
Roy Cole Green Gables
Wayne Mitchell Green Gables

A. Jones Half Moon (CSM)
Chris Bruce Half Moon (CSM)
Chris Sedgbeer Half Moon (CSM)
C. Townsley Half Moon (CSM)
G. Soper Half Moon (CSM)
James Rickets Half Moon (CSM)
Keith Sedgbeer Half Moon (CSM)
Kye Matthews Half Moon (CSM)
Les Phare Half Moon (CSM)
Paul Hambly Half Moon (CSM)
Rob Leslie Half Moon (CSM)

Allan Hawkins Half Moon (Whipton)
David Roberts Half Moon (Whipton)
Guy Anderson Half Moon (Whipton)
Ian Kennedy Half Moon (Whipton)
John Isaacs Half Moon (Whipton)
Kevin Briggs Half Moon (Whipton)
Luke Denley Half Moon (Whipton)
Mark Barrett Half Moon (Whipton)
Matt Carnell Half Moon (Whipton)
Matt Bond Half Moon (Whipton)
Matt Dare Half Moon (Whipton)
Scott Mills Half Moon (Whipton)
Steve Moore Half Moon (Whipton)

Chris Halladay Heart of Oak A
Chris Tucker Heart of Oak A
Dale Morgan Heart of Oak A
Gavin Armstrong Heart of Oak A
Lee Aldeman Heart of Oak A
Pete Ward Heart of Oak A
Phil Ward Heart of Oak A
Richard Baggs Heart of Oak A
Shane Bevan Heart of Oak A
Stuart Jarvis Heart of Oak A
Stuart Osborne Heart of Oak A
Wayne Hughes Heart of Oak A

Colin Allen Heart of Oak B
Colin Bending Heart of Oak B
D. Bennett Heart of Oak B
Danny Allen Heart of Oak B
Mark Waycott Heart of Oak B
Martin Rose Heart of Oak B
Mark Jones Heart of Oak B
Owen Morris Heart of Oak B
R. Wilson Heart of Oak B
S. Peters Heart of Oak B
Wayne Long Heart of Oak B

Adrian Hows Horse & Groom
Connor Kennedy Horse & Groom
Dan Kennedy Horse & Groom
Dan Livingstone Horse & Groom
David Layfield Horse & Groom
Gary Webber Horse & Groom
Jack Mitchell Shaw Horse & Groom
Jason Bulled Horse & Groom
Kieran Bowyer Horse & Groom
Matt Collins Horse & Groom
Matthew Clarkson Horse & Groom
Neil Clark Horse & Groom
Robert Prowse Horse & Groom
Steven Goostry Horse & Groom
Wayne Edwards Horse & Groom
Wayne Kennedy Horse & Groom

A Richards Kings A
Andy Healy Kings A
Andy Newnham Kings A
Anthony Moss Kings A
Ben Davis Kings A
Dave Witt Kings A
Edd Winson Kings A
Jack Walker Kings A
Justin Hunt Kings A
Kevin Cox Kings A
Lee Owens Kings A
Paul Price Kings A
Paul Yard Kings A
Phil Harrison Kings A
Rich Lazenby Kings A
Roger Ingham Kings A
Sam Hunter Kings A
Stuart Every Kings A
Wayne Marchant Kings A

Alan Long Kings C
Andy Taylor Kings C
Barry Brewer Kings C
Chris Bisby Kings C
Dan Brooks Kings C
Dean Pring Kings C
Glen Ireland Kings C
Kevin Elliott Kings C
Paul Godbeer Kings C
Scott Olfield Kings C
Wayne Steer Kings C

Aidan Mann Locomotive A
Ashley Matthews Locomotive A
Chris Hunt Locomotive A
Jamie McCarthy Locomotive A
John Breban Locomotive A
Jon Burridge Locomotive A
Kieran Peek Locomotive A
Matt McCarthy Locomotive A
Pete Milner Locomotive A
Sean Carpenter Locomotive A
Simon Cookson Locomotive A
Vic MaCarthy Locomotive A

Andrew Crocker Locomotive B
Andy Farrell Locomotive B
Dave Bloomfield Locomotive B
Jerry Alexander Locomotive B
Jim Hall Locomotive B
Josh Sweetland Locomotive B
Kieran Tamlin Locomotive B
Lee Bailey Locomotive B
Nick Tamlin Locomotive B
Paul Richardson Locomotive B
Peter Atkinson Locomotive B
Steve Sweetland Locomotive B
Tom Whitfield Locomotive B
Tony Lewis Locomotive B

Brian Taylor Locomotive C
Daniel Priest Locomotive C
Jack Goyne Locomotive C
Jake Mearns Locomotive C
Mark Simmons Locomotive C
Ross Goyne Locomotive C
Steve Kingdon Locomotive C
Stewart Harding Locomotive C

Billy Bloomfield New Inn (Broadclyst)
Dene Courtney New Inn (Broadclyst)
Dene Vanstone New Inn (Broadclyst)
Ian Dyer New Inn (Broadclyst)
Lenny Hayden New Inn (Broadclyst)
Matt Beer New Inn (Broadclyst)
Stuart Baker New Inn (Broadclyst)
Sam Richards New Inn (Broadclyst)
Tony Troop New Inn (Broadclyst)
Warren Raymont New Inn (Broadclyst)

A. Binner Royal Oak Oke St A
Barry Hayward Royal Oak Oke St A
Gary A'Hearne Royal Oak Oke St A
Keith Birchall Royal Oak Oke St A
Mark Aggett Royal Oak Oke St A
N. Brown Royal Oak Oke St A
P. Sayers Royal Oak Oke St A
R. Burrows Royal Oak Oke St A
R. Staddon Royal Oak Oke St A
Wayne Langdon Royal Oak Oke St A

A. White Royal Oak Oke St B
Andy Hodge Royal Oak Oke St B
Barry Atkins Royal Oak Oke St B
Keith Heard Royal Oak Oke St B
Pele Baker Royal Oak Oke St B
Phil Barrett Royal Oak Oke St B
Ross Goyne Royal Oak Oke St B
Stef Lashbrook Royal Oak Oke St B
T. Welland Royal Oak Oke St B
Tony Endicott Royal Oak Oke St B

Dan Macey Stowey Arms
Dan Morefield Stowey Arms
Daniel Allwright Stowey Arms
Ian McWhinnie Stowey Arms
Jon Macey Stowey Arms
Luke Morefield Stowey Arms
Paul Axe Stowey Arms
Ryan Coles Stowey Arms
Scott Reddin Stowey Arms
Simon Burrell Stowey Arms
Tim Coles Stowey Arms
Wayne Coles Stowey Arms

Aidan Barrett Winnie A
Alex Clyburn Winnie A
Andy Denning Winnie A
Daniel Case Winnie A
Danny Belsten Winnie A
Ellis McGuirl Winnie A
Liam Goyne Winnie A
Nathan Barrett Winnie A
Peter Chown Winnie A
Wayne Price Winnie A

Aaron Bates Winnie B
Andy Clyburn Winnie B
Charlie Wonnacott Winnie B
Chris Gage Winnie B
Clayton Bates Winnie B
Jake Wreford Winnie B
Jay Fraine Winnie B
Lee Drake Winnie B
Mark Sherriff Winnie B
Owen Bates Winnie B
Pacey Large Winnie B
Ricki Friend Winnie B
Sean Adams Winnie B

Connor Barrett Winnie C
Eric Sparrow Winnie C
Julian Budd Winnie C
K. Conway Winnie C
Keith Warren Winnie C
L. Finnimore Winnie C
Mal Curran Winnie C
Mike Long Winnie C
Nigel Luxon Winnie C
S. Medway Winnie C
Terry Weetman Winnie C
Tony Grabham Winnie C

D. Willgigg Wonford Inn
Dave Brown Wonford Inn
Darren Brown Wonford Inn
Dave Osborne Wonford Inn
Don Burwood Wonford Inn
Gavin Harvey Wonford Inn
John Bathard Wonford Inn
John Reid Wonford Inn
Liam Ashmore Wonford Inn
Steve Ashmore Wonford Inn
Terrry Lander Wonford Inn
Tim Ryder Wonford Inn
Tom Horn Wonford Inn

last modified: December 25, 9:42 am

New Players
After October 31st new players must be signed on for 7 days before they can play or get your points deducted.
last modified: October 18, 8:01 am